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Increase Customer Efficiency and Value

Increase Sales by Putting More Product Information in Front of Your Customers

Merchandising is a key component for an eCommerce store. How the product and other related products and services are arranged on a page will boost sales through upsells and cross-sells. Customers can shop more efficiently and effectively when your site is properly merchandised.

ECF™ G5 will allow you to merchandise products and related items in a multitude of ways.  This way, you can maximize each sale and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

ECF™ G5 Product Comparison Feature

Key Merchandising Capabilities and Features

> Featured Products

> Automatic Product Recommendations based on customer shopping habits and other data

> Product associations (for "You may also like," up-selling, cross-selling, accessory recommendations, etc.)

> Top Sellers

> Recently Viewed Products

> Targeted Campaigns to remind customers

> Create any custom Merchandising Features

> Integrate with 3rd Party Merchandising Apps

Product Associations

Through ECF™ G5's Product Associations feature, products can be associated with each other to encourage shoppers to consider purchasing accessories, warranties and other products. Here are a number of ways it can be used:

Up-Selling: Presents newer or better versions of the same product for the customer's consideration. For example, when displaying a television, display newer models in the same product line.

Cross-Selling: Presents related products to the customer. For example, when displaying a shirt, cross selling can display other shirts by the same designer.

Accessories: Encourages the customer to add related or required accessories to their shopping cart when purchasing an item. Examples including spare batteries, memory cards or cables for electronics.

Warranties: Allows dependent items such as product warranties to be sold with a product.

Merchandising items can be displayed on category, product, shopping cart, checkout, or receipt pages.

Featured Products

Promote new, hot selling, or sale products by displaying them as featured products on category and search result pages.

Product Recommendations

Give your site visitors product recommendations based on the purchasing history of other customers. When viewing products in the store, customers can view similar recommended items in a "Customers who bought this item also bought" list. The recommendations are dynamically displayed based on business logic that you define.

Top Sellers

Boost sales by displaying top-selling products prominently. "Top sellers" gives your customers more insight into what others are buying by automatically displaying the n top-selling products in your store over a defined interval. Top-selling items can be displayed on the site home page, category, or product pages.

Recently Viewed Products

Remind customers of recent products of interest by displaying a list of the last n products viewed in the store. This is traditionally used in the shopping cart and on product pages to allow easy navigation to products already viewed.

Effective Merchandising to Boost Sales and Conversions

Merchandising on ECF™ G5 is made possible through various product associations you can create from the backend Commerce Manager. You can create a variety of product associations that will appear on the product page, such as warranty/service options, related products and accessories, recently viewed products, and "You May Also Like" definitions.

This mirrors the behavior of major online stores, such as Not only that, but you have the flexibility to create and manage product associations however you like that make it possible to target specific customer segments if need be.

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