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If you're a professional software implementation, marketing, or web development organization or company that specializes in custom web sites and eCommerce deployments, becoming a Mediachase partner offers numerous advantages. ECF is designed for development, customization, and integration of any kind of eCommerce solution. You can re-use the ECF as the base to extend more functionality, features, and capabilities. And you're not just getting a shopping cart. ECF is a set of tools, an application framework, that you can build upon to create any type of solution.

Mediachase is focused and dedicated to forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with a select group of Industry and Market leading companies.

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•Direct Access to the Mediachase Product Team & Code Base
•Sales and Marketing Coordination and Support
•A Voice and Influence on the directions and capabilities of the actual ECF product releases

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Need some examples how ECF G5 drives business, success, and results? Looking for ECF G5 experts to ensure the most efficient, highest-value, business-ready ECF G5 implementation? Look no further – take a look at the gallery of ECF G5 implementations, and the Mediachase Certified ECF Solutions Partners that can and have implemented, integrated, and launched the ECF. Here is our most recent spotlight Solution Partner and project. Be sure to check out all of our site examples and see how many ways ECF G5 can be leveraged.

Pritzker Military Library

Pritzker Military Library

Solution Partner: Glaser Technology


Pritzker Military Library is a non-profit with the mission of increasing public knowledge and understanding of military history in America.  The new ECF-based site allows Pritzker Military Library to expand their outreach and further their educational goals by allowing easy event registration, online payments and donations, and access to the cataloged event webcasts, audio, and DVDs.  Especially unique to the Pritzker Military Library solution is the integration to physical kiosks available in the library, which enables patrons to easily register for membership.  These kiosks automatically integrate into the website synchronizing the entire eCommerce solution and have helped Pritzker Military Library achieve its highest membership numbers ever.


• Integration with Kiosks
• Online payments and donations
• Membership management
• Management of event registration, live webcasts, and cataloged resources


• Authorize.NET for payments
• Quickbooks for accounting

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