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Mediachase Releases Next Generation .NET Calendar Component AJAX Calendar.NET

Mediachase, on top of the latest trends and technologies in .NET, released AJAX Calendar.NET (Version 3.0) enabling Web 2.0 calendar/scheduler controls and interfaces that integrate with web applications.

LOS ANGELES , California – April 9, 2008 – Mediachase released AJAX Calendar.NET based on the latest and greatest in AJAX ASP.NET to enable Web 2.0 interfaces and interactions.  It’s rewritten from the ground up and is truly a next generation product. Create Google and Outlook style calendars and schedule controls out of the box.  Enjoy multiple views (day, week, month, year, or custom views) with dragging and dropping of events. With full source code packages available, .NET developers have the extra flexibility to customize and extend AJAX Calendar.NET beyond its built-in capabilities.  Best of all, enjoy cross-industry support, cost effectiveness, proven technology, and rock-solid support.

For a general overview of AJAX Calendar.NET, go here.

About Mediachase

Mediachase designs, integrates, and builds innovative software solutions and tools for companies needing to streamline internal and external business activities. Mediachase is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and currently has offices in Washington, D.C. and Kaliningrad, Russia.

Mediachase is a privately held company established in 1997 with a global client base of installations.


Richly Chheuy
Mediachase, LTD.
+1 323-988-1071

We’ve released our latest maintenance update for ECF 4.1. The 4.1.2 update is free for current users.  Here is the laundry list of bugs squashed and improvements made in the latest release since 4.1.1:

FIX: Multiple Shipping Options showing up
FIX: Category template not displaying products
FIX: Context.Session not getting initialized
FIX: New MetaDataPlus - product data is not being saved because serialization was not set
FIX: Statistics - Geographics not working
FIX: Deployment licenses - counts active + inactive products
FIX: New ProductSearchByAdvancedFilter script
FIX: Image is null - new sql script + MetaDataPlus
FIX: Statistics upgrade script
FIX: When trying to delete a product that is in someone's shopping cart, a friendly message is not displayed
FIX: Updated version of the DAL.vbgen
FIX: New DatabaseSchema_Tables script to have ECF run on SQL2000
FIX: Logout does not fully clean up ClientContext.Context
FIX: Issue with Stock Quantity
FIX: When "Size" is not checked, no warning message pops up and defaults to a particular size
FIX: Discounts do not accept partial values like 7.5 %
FIX: When deleting Page metafields don't clear
FIX: Values of metafields are not transferred during page copy
FIX: Timeout when duplicating product in admin
FIX: Geographic stats not showing up in reporting - run Stat_ECF4.1.2_upgrade_ip-to-country.sql from migrate folder
FIX: Change of parameter value to "True" in ClientHelper.GetAttributeByName in BindProductOptionControls of the Purchase module

This will be your primary source for ECF G5 product news and announcements as well as information and resources regarding .NET eCommerce and development.  It's located at http://ecommerce.mediachase.com.  Check it out now! 

The ECF is an end-to-end .NET development framework and solution for building, extending, and delivering professional ecommerce sites complete with integration capabilities. 
The ECF is designed and developed using best practices and allows developers and IT organizations ultimate flexibility to extend and adapt the ECF to virtually any type of commerce business scenario.

ECF 4.1 brings a number of new features, capabilities and benefits.

  • All New Package and Example Site/Starter Kit

Check it Out Now! - http://ecf41.demo.mediachase.com

  • New ECF Source Code Solution Reorganization - New Project Structure
  • Improved Master theme & catalog
  • Non-WebService Public Store
  • Site Visitor Polls Display Module and Administration
  • News and Article Publication Display Module and Administration
  • Product Comparison Module with AJAX Interaction
  • Full Export of the ECF MetaData structure
  • Performance and Flexibility Enhancements for Advanced search/filter
  • Improved Order back button logic
  • Import category by Code available through Import Manager
  • A Number of other Improvements, Fixes, and Enhancements over 4.0 

Download the ECF 4.1 Distribution Package

The new ECF 4.1 distribution package contains everything you need to install, configure and setup the ECF software.


Note: Look for the ECF 4.1 Distribution which will be at the bottom.

The Mediachase IBN-CS (Instant Business Network™ Collaboration Server) is a powerful web based project management, collaboration, and help desk/Issues tracking software platform that enables teams to more effectively communicate, collaborate, & coordinate business initiatives involving people in multiple locations, offices or networked environments securely.

Version 4.5 Brings a number of new features and benefits including:

  • Issues/Help Desk Automated Management
  • Article/Knowledge Base
  • Organization and Contact Relationships to Projects and Issues
  • Improved of Client & Office Tools
  • Granular Control of Scheduling and Messaging Sub System
  • Full text Search within Document Repository
  • WebDav Editing with Checkout/Check In
  • Active Directory and LDAP Integration with Credential Authentication on Intranet
  • Inbound e-mail autodetection/SPAM and Rules Routing
  • A Number of Maintenance and Bug Fixes over 4.1

Download the Server Package

The new server package contains everything you need to install, configure and setup the IBN software.


Create Your Own Online Evaluation Trial  in Less than 2 minutes

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Mediachase FileUploader.NET - Version 2.0 is a powerful file uploading library of controls for ASP.NET. It combines the power of the .NET Framework 2.0/3.0 with new technologies for file uploading that provide the following advantages to .NET developers.

  • Visually compelling user experiences
  • Powerful approaches to uploading files without page reloading
  • Instant Feedback to users by showing progress information
  • Simplified  application integration and development
  • Intelligent optimization for large file uploads.

All New Demo Apps with Source Code

To see some of the new capabilities and examples check out our online lessons, sample applications and source code we supply that works with the FileUploader.NET distribution package.

Basic Hello Upload Application

Send Mail and Attachments Application

Uploading and Managing Files to Storage Application

Uploading and Displaying Image Library Application

Product Documentation & Package Download

Complete Documentation Reference

Class Library Reference
Access Here

Download Package

The new IBN Web Based Project Management, Help Desk, and Collaboration Software version 4.5 is now available for online trial and evaluation.

Many new features and capabilities have been added including:

  • Help Desk and Trouble Ticketing
  • Anti-Spam, White Listing and BlackListing for e-mail integration
  • Integrated Articles and Knowledge Base
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • Client/Customer & Organizational Management
  • New Integrated Desktop and Ofice Tools 
  • Rss/Community News Feeds into Portal
  • File Library Enhancements including WebDAV Support

and much more...

In Addition a Number of optimizations, improvements and other benefits have been realized including support for .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.0.

To Activate a Free Trial/Evaluation Visit this Link


We are proud to announce the launch of our new Mediachase Dynamics Site 1.0!! 

Enhance business capabilities using Microsoft Dynamics. Learn more about our powerful business and technology solutions, regarding:

Custom Applications
Mobile Applications

Please click the following link to visit our Dynamics site:

We have posted a final version of ECF 4.0 Distribution. It is available immediately from our download page. Some important and exciting announcement about the new release will follow shortly. Here is a partial list of fixes since RC release.

Upgrading from 4.0.4 (RC) to 4.0.5 (RTM) (July 21, 2006)

Summary of changes:

NEW: Added category with downloads template
FIX: Stats DLL is now included with both web services and windows services
FIX: Auto Login account now works correctly resuming the previous session
FIX: Download details now display description
FIX: Parent category id is not selected when adding new download from site catalog
FIX: Category Download template didn't correctly display downlaods and category description
FIX: Authorize.NET Gateway submitted Country Name instead of Country Code
FIX: Downloads facade service returned empty download for downloads not associated with any products
NEW: Migrated Maintenance service to 4.0 platform
FIX: Updated references to Stats service
FIX: Customer Role doesn't show as Customer after purchase is made
FIX: Discount not displayed on order confirmation
FIX: Shopping Cart has wrong Address
FIX: Accessory not added to cart
FIX: Order Notifications Problems, two emails are sent
FIX: Same Address Adds New Record for Orders
FIX: The order that's online download is processed but still showing Partly Filled
FIX: "Processing" Mispelled on the Main CM Page
FIX: Save Changes Button out of Place in Downloads
FIX: Choosing Add an address when adding to cart, doesn't save address in address list
NEW: Licensing model. Added support for Express Edition
FIX: Adding a Charge screen has TWO save butons
FIX: Trying to Add a Region Throws Exception
FIX: Frontend does not work in IE7 beta
FIX: ECF Config Wizard No Longer Retrieves DBs in Dropdown for SQL 2000
NEW: New transaction management engine, removed DTC requirement
FIX: Creating Payment Plan Throws Internal Server Error
NEW: Customer attributes now can be added using Client Library
NEW: Discount descriptions are now returned for SKU's/Variations within order
NEW: Revised/Optimized Statistics handling
FIX: Shipping Address is not remembered from previous order
FIX: Price Alignment on Checkout is off
FIX: Default address can not be modified during checkout wizard
FIX: Improved cookie handling

We will be posting the roadmap for the next version in the upcoming weeks.

We recently released the IBN 4.1.18 maintenance release along with updated documentation.  This release includes several minor updates related to the system alert notifications engine.

New Documentation is all published and available at the following link.


New customers interested in evaluating the latest server package can visit the following link.


Existing customers can contact Mediachase for the maintenance update package. 


We are very happy to announce the availability of the ECF 4.0 BETA 2 package.


Thanks for ALL of the feedback, issues, and suggestions since we launched the BETA 1.  We have listened and have made many improvements and fixes since then.  If you have been working with Mediachase on our ecommerce framework, you know that we have a flexible architecture and a well defined model to extend and build on.  The 4.0 Framework is a major leap forward for us and our customers and will enable us to set a new pace and direction for many new exciting announcements and additional capabilities.  Stay Tuned.


For now, here is more info on BETA 2 and links to get to the new distribution, update history, documentation

System/Developer Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

.NET Framework: Version 2.0

Supported Development Environment: VS2005

Supported Databases: SQL 2005, SQL Express, SQL Express Advanced, MS SQL 2000 SP4, MSDE

Supported Front End Technology Development: ANY Language that can consume Web Services


Update History Can Be Found Here



New Distribution Package can be found here


Getting Started and Installation Guide




Updated RPS Guide/Support Files Package Available for Download


This document is a great first step for someone learning the ECF because it guides a developer through creating a fully working storefront from start to finish and at the same time educates them

Note: Package Includes Guide and Support Files/Code for Tutorial

Note 2: You will need to download and install the ECF Distribution in order to use this guide, tutorial, and code examples.



Here is a copy of the Guide Only if you want to review



New Developer Guide is Included in the Distribution


This document provides developers with more in depth information about the architecture, extensibility API, Client Side Development, Server Side Development, and Also a Full Set of API References for the Client, Façade, Business Layer, and DB Schema. Many code examples are provided within the class documentation to make it easier for developers.



The IBN 4.1 Collaboration Server Distribution is now available for customer download and trial/evaluation.  The server distribution can be installed on Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 server and works with SQL 2000 or SQL 2005.

For all trial and demo options you can visit http://www.mediachase.com/ibn/trial.aspx 

For a quick overview on the IBN Software check out the Overview presentation at http://www.mediachase.com/documentation/IBNV41Doc/IBN41_Overview.pdf 

Contextual Comparison at http://www.mediachase.com/ibn/comparison.aspx 

After ALOT of work!!!  We are proud to let you take a look at the the new IBN 4.1. As you may know, Our Instant Business Network software has been on the market for almost 5 years and is one of the best Integrated Project Based Collaboration and Information sharing products you can find.

But, check it out yourself--- http://www.mediachase.com/ibn/overview.aspx 

And you can also visit our live public demo site where you can explore the possibilities. 


P.S. For all you folks building commerce solutions for your customers - the IBN is a great platform to manage and coordinate your efforts with your customers, outside consultants, end-users, and management teams.

Special thanks to Simon Green at Intesoft for submitting a great contribution for companies interested in interfacing the ECF to the Protx Payment Gateway in the UK.

Learn more and get the implementation package here...


The ECF 4.0 Beta is now available for download.  Lots of new things including new packaging and installation.

More information can be found here.


We encourage you to check it out and provide us with feedback and posts to this forum or to our support e-mail at support@mediachase.com.  If you have sales related questions, please send those e-mails to sales@mediachase.com

We worked hard to get this out the door - hope you like it.