The RPS Guide has been updated!   Due to the great feedback from our users we have enhanced the RPS guide to better suit the needs of beginning users of the e-Commerce Framework.  

For those of you not familiar with the RPS guide, it is Mediachase's basic guide used to introduce the ECF to new customers.   It is the guide you should use if you are a new to the ECF.  With the RPS guide you can have a hands-on experience with the ECF in a step-by-step manner to gain the knowledge needed to develop a store of your own.  The RPS guide can be downloaded in two forms:  as a simple .pdf which you can use for purely informational purposes or as part of a package which includes supporting files to enable you to progress through the hands-on tutorial.

The updates are:

  • Corrections to theme files, .css errors have been corrected for a better user experience.
  • Updated n-software section to coincide with the latest changes from n-software.
  • Revamped Master Templates section:  More precise and in-depth explanation of the all the elements of master templates. 
  • New section on Roles
  • New section on Data Importing
  • New guide structure: a more fluid guide that caters to beginning users who want to learn the basic features, capabilities, and concepts of the ECF.
  • New introductory information showcasing capabiliites of ECF
  • New "Additional Documentation" section to remind users of the additional help they can utilize for development.
  • Old technical information has not been discarded but conveniently stored at the conclusion of the guide in appendices and a glossary.  

Guide Only Link:

All Other Documentation can be found at: