With Christmas just around the corner and chestnuts roasting on a virtual fire--built on the latest .NET technologies--we have an early Christmas present for ECF users all over the world.

ECF 4.1.1 has been released to the public, with the following enhancements and bug fixes:

NEW: Improved performance by making modifications to MetaData engine and Stored Procedures

FIX: Bug in Checkout Wizard – skips Shipping Options page when pressing “Back” during checkout
FIX: Deleting a SKU in the ECF deletes the links in the Order History
FIX: Shopping Cart Address bug when working with multiple shipping addresses
FIX: Item is not in Cart error message
FIX: Changing Shipping Address didn’t save changes
FIX: Login as a customer didn’t work
FIX: Deleting a customer with no orders caused an error
FIX: Paypal bugs
FIX: Email campaign bug
FIX: Couldn’t find orders by customer email or company
FIX: When working with coupons and date constraints, a Jscript error appeared when clicking the calendar
FIX: Error in IntegerControl MetaControl – the value of the MaximumValue property of “RangeValidator1” could not be converted to Type “Integer”
FIX: FCKEditor configuration errors when using the Universal Keyboard, uploading images and editing links
FIX: “Forgot password” link returned an error message
FIX: Broken link to an image when pressing “Back” during checkout
FIX: Coupon restriction of “One time per customer” was not working

It's a free update for current 4.1 users.

And to all, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!